Aug 6
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23-538 MCC Batting Building #16259

Meridian, MS (T-NR-E)


Accepting Bids

Prebid Date7/25/24 10:00am

Bid Date8/6/24 2:00pm

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Meridian Community College
Gene Miles  


Meridian Community College

Meridian Community College will receive sealed bids for the construction of a 7,000 SF steel-framed batting practice facility.  The project also includes demolition of two existing metal structures and surrounding pavement, the construction of a reinforced concrete retaining wall, new exterior concrete slab, site drainage, site grading, and associated electrical work.

Sealed bids will be received at Meridian Community College, 910 Hwy 19 N, Meridian, MS 39307, Facilities Management Conference Room until 2:00 PM on Tuesday, August 6, 2024 for:

MCC Batting Building - Meridian Community College, Meridian, MS

Contract documents may be obtained online at Electronic bids may also be submitted in lieu of sealed bids at

Bids shall be submitted on form furnished and sealed and deposited with Meridian Community College prior to the hour and date above designated.  Bids must be accompanied by bid bond or certified check for at least five percent (5%) of the base bid payable to the Meridian Community College as bid security.  No bid may be withdrawn for 60 days after the actual date of the bid opening.

All bids must comply with applicable laws of the State of Mississippi and shall include the Contractor’s Certificate of Responsibility Number, which must be displayed on outside of the sealed envelope.  A performance and payment bond for one hundred percent (100%) of the contract sum will be required of the successful bidder.

Bid preparation shall be in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders bound in the project manual.  Meridian Community College reserves the right to reject any and or all bids, waive technicalities, informalities or irregularities in the bids received, solicit new bids or to choose that bid which is deemed to be in the best interest to the College. The Bidder shall be responsible for and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Meridian Community College from all losses, damages, expenses, claims, demands, suits and actions brought by any party against Meridian Community College as a result of the Bidder’s failure to comply with the provisions above.

Questions regarding plan clarifications or requests for information should be directed as follows:

Joshua L. Sansing, P.E.
Carter Miller Sansing, Ltd.
404 Hwy 19 N.
Meridian, MS 39307
Phone: (601) 483-0601

A pre-bid meeting will be held on Thursday, July 25, 2024 at 10:00 am. The meeting will be held in the Meridian Community College Facilities Management Conference Room.

Board of Trustees Meridian Community College Meridian, MS 39307

Thomas M. Huebner, Jr., PhD, President

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July 9, 2024
July 16, 2024